About Us

Orthobiz (M) SdnBhd(1219116-H) is a Malaysian company based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

The company was established in February 2017. Our main activity is to design, develop, produce and promote a device called Stroomig, a robotic glove that will greatly improve the rehabilitation process of a stroke patient. 

Apart from selling Stroomig to interested parties, the company also aims at becoming a rehab service provider with the intention of improving the rehab process and method. The company will also undertake R&D in related areas which will further enhance the features and effectiveness of the device.

The development and production of Stroomig glove, a device that is equipped with robotic features which will expedite the process of rehab of patients suffering from stroke or nerves/muscles deficiency (upper limb). Apart from the device, the project also aimed at providing rehab services at home where patients can recuperate better with the assistance of the therapist. The main idea of providing rehab services is to educate and assist patients and caregivers a more proper method of recuperating after surgery or trauma.

We believe that by sharing relevant information and by showing the proper way to attend to the patient’s needs, patients are progressing at a much faster rate. All parties involved will be better off emotionally and spiritually. Patients will become independent and eventually will resume work relatively faster. This could help employers to regain the productivity that was lost and may reduce unnecessary expenses.

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